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Thank you for the very detailed explanation of both faults. This documentation helps in figuring out the cure. Thank you also for keeping both Healthcare and Facilities staff aware of the situation."


Director of Facilities Services

"We've never had someone so competent in your role...it's kind of awesome!"

-Jennifer K


"If you see Ryan - send goodness his way - he's been great to work with during this project!"


Human Resources

"Thank you Ryan, I spoke with General Fulford today and he was very appreciative."


Director of Facilities Services

"You did a great job in the IT office. Looks very nice!"


Help Desk Technician

"You are a bulldog, Ryan."



"Thank you, Ryan! You did a great job tracking this iPad down and then making clear and concise instructions on how to use the drain camera. Well done!!"


Director of Facilities Services

"Thanks Ryan, nice job!

Excellent email!

Excellent Job! Love the idea of the QR code! 😀"