Welcome to my SEC-110 Security Concepts Portfolio!

Skills and Career Accomplishments Gained from SEC-110-Security Concepts:

-Navigate and operate Amazon's Web Services (AWS) fluently.

-Scanning networks for all IP addresses from the devices connected to said network.

-Using network tools (Wireshark, Zenmap/Nmap ) to locate vulnerabilities in various network settings in order to learn how to properly secure networks in the future.

-Installing Active Directory, creating a domain, connecting to a domain, and assigning the appropriate permissions and security clearances for multiple users across the network. (AWS, AD, DC)


USB Security Key

Cyber-defense and Ethical Hacking Lab part 1- lab report .pdf

Ethical Hacking Lab

Security Assessment & Documentation Lab.pdf

Security Assessment Documentation

Security Assessment Lab Report.docx

Security Assessment Lab Report

Discussion Assignments.pdf

Discussion Forms and Research

Learned thus far and 5 Goals.pdf

Progression and Goals

Course Summary:

Mitchell Community College's SEC-110-Security Concepts

SEC-110-Security Concepts brought new understandings to multiple forms of information technology security situations. Here are many topics learned throughout the course on a broad scale: various types of malware as well as tools used to protect against malware, popular encryption methods used in computer communications, updating and maintaining numerous operating systems, scanning for open ports and discovering vulnerabilities, what a firewall is and how it works, and what to do if faced in a disaster recovery plan.

Security Concepts was taught very well through a mixture of hands on lab style assignments mixed in with real world application and demonstration. The course began at the basics, in order to secure a network/operating system we must first understand what it is that we are securing and built on from this foundation.

Going forward I am going to use what I learned in this class to aid in my preparation for the compTIA security certification exam. Now that I have a strong foundation, experience, and knowledge of real world applications in the security field, completing my certification will be achievable. From there on I am going to continue to develop my understanding and security skills day in, day out.