Welcome to my Python, HTML, and PHP Portfolio!

Skills and Career Accomplishments Gained from coding courses:

  • Apache Software

  • Brackets, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom

  • PHP, HTML, Python

  • Ability to create unique functioning programs from program requests

  • Understanding structures, dictionaries, sets, functions

Python Work Completed:

Custom Python Final Exam Code

Inputting User Data into the Code

Final Output Chart with Calculations

Celsius to Fahrenheit Temperature Converter

Calculate a person's BMI given their height and weight

Displaying a turtle graphic corresponding with the list of options

Using functions, calculate the state and county taxes and final total of a purchase

Calculate and display all the expenses and variables of a complete paint job resulting in the total cost of a paint job

Calculate and display the future value of an account

HTML/PHP Work Completed:

Course Summary: