Welcome to my Networking Portfolio!

Skills and Career Accomplishments Gained from networking courses:

· Build wired & wireless networks utilizing lab environment

· Use Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) licensing & upgrading

· Identify the various components that are used to maintain and troubleshoot a computer network

· Apply VLANs, Inter-VLAN routing, Access Control Lists, Switchport security, Cisco IOS licensing practices, NAT Overloading and scalable network design to computer networks given a business scenario

· Design and build redundant networks

· Implement high level computer networking technologies utilizing best business practices

· Describe TCP/IP, IPv4 & IPv6, scalable network design, EIGRP, NAT overloading, and the future of networks in the business environment

Work Completed:


EtherChannel & HSRP

Multi-Layer OSPF.docx

Multi-layer OSPF

STP Root Bridge Lab Report.pdf

STP Root Bridge

Hands-on Lab- Implementing NAT in a real network.docx

Implementing NAT to a network

OSPF Lab Documentation.docx

LAN OSPF Lab Report

Network Virtualization with GNS3 part 1 lab report.docx

Network Virtualization with GNS3

Network Automation Lab Part 1- FTP Lab Report.docx

Network Automation with FTP

Routing Review Lab NET225.docx

Connectivity across the topology

Router on a stick.pdf

Router On A Stick Notes

Simulated Router On A Stick Topology

Course Summary:

Over the past two years I have taken numerous networking courses that have taught me a wide variety of networking concepts. Concepts such as but not limited to WAN, LAN, infrastructures, routing protocols, switching protocols, IPv4, IPv6, terminating cables, setup, and technical support.

The schooling I received was presented through a hybrid between hands on real-world equipment and scenarios through lab environments. As well as simulated and virtual concepts taught through industry used software and applications. The content learned from the networking courses provided a strong base of knowledge which proves to be valuable throughout my IT career.

Currently and going forward I continue to use the skills and knowledge I learned everyday. A short term goal of mine is to become CCNA certified. To accomplish this goal I will continue to build on my strong base of knowledge and continue to expand my skills from here on out.